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%100 LEGIT

Advanced Wall
You can see the enemies from behind the wall, you can distinguish the part behind the wall with different colors, you can see their missiles, weapons, health, direction, even the name thanks to the cs wall.

Wall Team
You can also use all cs go wall features on your teammates, ideal for community servers :).

Other Wall
Weapons on the ground, C4 bomb, C4 bomb remaining time, airborne grenades and type, etc. You can see many objects from behind the wall. Buy to explore our cs go wall features.

You can see how many you hit the enemy thanks to the hit pointer, you can track the course of the bullets thanks to the bullet track, thanks to the bomb direction estimation, you can see where the bomb will fall and how many will hit the enemy, you can improve yourself with these features. These are other features of the cs wall partition.

When your enemies sit on your crosshairs, you can fire them automatically. You can fire automatically thanks to 2 different modes or you can fire automatically while holding down a button.

Fake Shot
You can set the number of ms seconds to fire while the trigger is firing. (For automatic weapons)

Legit Trigger
Trigger’s biggest problem is that when you aim at the enemy’s head, it keeps firing one bullet. With this setting, you shoot 2-5 more fake shots after the enemy dies.

This feature allows you to see the enemy on the radar and let you know its location. It protects you from accidentally watching the enemy from behind the wall.

Maximum Performance
FORGET FPS LOSS! Thanks to the performance settings specific to this program, hit the bottom of the fun without losing fps even on the lowest systems. Forget about fps loss.

Recommended Settings
Do not know how to adjust what setting? We share many settings and details of you in the forum 🙂 click and see.

Legit Aim
Let all your bullets go to your enemies. Learn how the engagement works. Increase your kill speed by selecting the first aim point and the last aim point

Aim Fov Setting
By changing the Fov setting, you can change how close your cursor will shift towards the enemy. Thanks to cs go aim, you can learn the weapon tab.

Rage Aim
You can use the Rage aim features especially in hvh battles, and you can defeat your enemy instantly.

Auto wall and Hit Chance
Thanks to automatic wall fire, you will shoot at your enemies (if you hit more than the health you choose) while behind objects. Thanks to the chance of hitting, a percentage is calculated according to the movements of the enemy and your movements, if it is more than the percentage you choose.

Bullet Bounce
With the No Recoil feature, you can always shoot at a single point, while your bullets bounce.

Bunny Hop
Bunny is a great feature to train. Activate the feature and hold the space key. You can also make a completely realistic bunny thanks to the extra legit bunny hop we offer. This is the best.

Remove Effects
It is located under the View tab. You can remove the flash grenade explosion, smoke explosion, weapon ricochet effect.

With the setting in the Other tab, you can see who the game is watching, the viewers will be written in red 🙂

Save Settings
Save up to 5 different settings then restore the cs go trainer codes you want.

In-game access
You can easily access the program in-game, just press the F9 or INSERT key for the interface.


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